About the Artist

Stacy C Bottoms

Me painting

I started painting at a young age while visiting an art museum for painting lessons. While walking through the museum I hoped that my paintings would someday be exhibited in a museum. During the summers, my grandparent's farm provided the inspiration for my landscapes and transportation art. After high school I joined the Marines for tuition and I became a rifle range coach. That's when I realized how much I enjoyed teaching others.
Years later I completed my Masters in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

The Hickory Museum of Art has exhibited my paintings and I exhibit my art online. I've also created art for a published children's book and painted murals for cities in North Carolina.

I enjoy teaching art and helping others improve as artists. I was voted Teacher of the Year at my school in 2015. In 2016 I received the Fine Arts Educator of the Year award from the Stanly County Arts Council.
When I reflect on my work, I realize that being an artist is a blessing. I enjoy the painting process and I want to thank those who have purchased my original paintings and prints over the years. Painting really is like keeping a diary and sometimes I think about certain paintings that I've sold. I've also learned that having your art exhibited in a museum is nice but the internet can exhibit your art globally.
I offer individual art lessons in my studio and I schedule outdoor group painting events. Just add your email to the contact list for the schedule. Be sure to visit the Gallery page to see my available prints.

Take care and keep making art!

-Stacy C Bottoms